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Paul Ahearn
Loan Officer Widowed 2
I spent four years at the University of MD (College Park), and graduated with a degree in English in 1974. Naturally, with an English degree I became a salesman.  For the past thirty-four years I have been "originating" loans, helping homebuyers achieve their American Dream.
 I met the woman (Margaret Ann O'Hagan) of my dreams in 1978, and for thirty years we had as close to a "perfect marriage" as possible. Unfortunately, Peggy passed away in 2008 due to ovarian cancer. Fortunately, we managed to raise two beautiful boys, Paul III and Conor. Paul the 3rd is twenty-eight years old, living in Columbia, SC, and having a successful career as a lawyer in the SC Law Enformcement Department. Conor is twenty-two, living with me in Olney, and is attending MC while working at Arclight at the Montgomery Mall. He is a real sweetheart.
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Linda Walleigh (Alban)
retired Married 3
Fernando and I have lived in quiet Laytonsville for over 10 years.  He still works every day, while I enjoy retirement. 
I taught Special Education for 35 years.  It was a career that I loved.  I am now glad to be retired.
Nathan and Alec are both single living and working in the Metro area.
Rebecca married Pete Marsh and they live with their daughter, Fiona, in Denia Spain.  We do not get to visit them as often as I would like.
Looking forward to seeing many people that I have lost touch with.

Craig Birch
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Systems Engineer Married 3
After a year of college in West Virginia I joined the Navy and spent 6 years on submarines home ported out of Charleston, SC. The following 34 years I worked in IT with IBM, Bell Atlantic, and EMC Corp. In 1987 I was transferred to Charlotte, NC., where I met my wife of 30+ years. I have 3 daughters and 4 grand children. I am retired now living below The Blue Ridge Mountains in Elkin, NC. Send Craig a MessageSend Craig a Message
Charles Cell
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Retired Married 3
I entered Kindergarten at Wood Acres, then attended Western, then Whitman.  I graduated Franklin and Marshall College, then a Masters Degree.  Married Inger Brown, 1978.  I worked most of my career as a civilian, Army logistics, out of Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.

In the several years prior to my retirement much of my time was spent in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, and a year back and forth to Korea for an emergency project.  I was sent to operations with operating problems, to help resolve problems.  The work schedule at all the overseas locations was 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week.  In the mid-east I lived in tents and converted shipping containers.  It was challenging, rewarding work.

We now live on Cape Cod, with a house in the White Mountains in New Hampshire where I’m working on an extensive remodel.  I like the view in NH….

Proud of my kids – my youngest son was a born and raised Iowa boy, finished college calculus his Junior year of HS, graduated HS a year early, graduated U of Iowa with a degree in mechanical engineering, minor in math and business, then an MBA.  An engineer and an after-work soccer coach for a HS girls soccer team that he led to two state championships. My daughter - degree in accounting, lives in Jacksonville Beach, FL., doing marketing for the Association of Tennis Professionals (international men’s professional tennis).  My oldest son graduated from the Harvard Business School, speaks a little Chinese, worked for a time in China, and now lives in Oxford, England. 

I stay busy.  In addition to my remodeling work in NH I do minor projects on my kids’ homes, refurbish antique furniture and art, manage investments, fish, cook, ski, visit the kids, travel, and (per Mark Twain) regularly ruin some nice walks by playing golf…
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MJ Cochran
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Profile picture
NPR Newscaster (ret) jeancochran.net Single
 I took the road less traveled.  Never married, pursued a career in journalism and devoted my life to NPR.  And I don't regret it for a minute! After working 33 years, writing news in the middle of the night and delivering it throughout the weekday mornings, I am thoroughly enjoying retirement.  Volunteering at the Washington EAR (reading the WashPostSports page for a dial-in handicap service) and narrating books and magazines for the Library of Congress' handicap service.  Also walking, biking, strength training and practicing yoga, all on a regular basis.  I'm going to return to my golf game soon!  I've also volunteered to be Webmaster for this-here Reunion site.  I'd love to hear from you!  And let me know of improvements or fixes you'd recommend.  See you on 10-10-2020! (Oh, and at the Pony Express Bar on 10-09-2020!)   /MJ Send MJ a MessageSend MJ a Message
George "Ted" Constantine
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Profile picture
Intelligence Officer (Retired) Married 4
Following my years at Walt Whitman, earned BS Geography, University of Maryland, MA Geography, George Washington University, and then post-graduate courses in Civil Engineering (Hydrology) at Penn State Univ, Univ of Texas (Austin), Univ of California (Davis).

My professional career began working 8 years as a surface-water hydrologist with an international engineering firm, and then 30 years as an intelligence officer serving several years each at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence & Research (INR), and finally the Dept of Homeland Homeland Security's Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A).

Professional assignments took me throughout the world: some 20 countries to include 11 in Europe, 2 in the Middle East, 7 in Asia; as well as 30 of our 50 states in the USA ranging from Hawaii to California to Massachusetts to Florida and many states between. Learned much. Perhaps the most eye-opening experiences were in the former Soviet Union (Russia & Ukraine) and in China and India.      

My family, though, is what matters most.  My wife, Sharon, and I married in 1978, raised four beautiful--and successful--children (Basil, Andrea, Catherine, Alexandra), and we currently enjoy our two grandsons with another on the way. Sharon and I live in Bethesda.

Our family life is centered on our faith. And especially rewarding was our parish priest asking that I apply my geographic skills to select the ground to build a new church. And for that our parish came together, settled on a sound piece of earth on what was then farm land along River Road in Potomac, Maryland, where we built a magnificant edifice: Sts Peter & Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church.   
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Paula “Coe” Coe (Corder)
Profile picture
Homemaker Married 4
Occupation:  homemaker now
3 sons, 1 daughter, all married, 11 grandchildren
Husband:  Lee, 44 years, Senior Vice President, Young Life International

love life, travel lots, good friends and wonderful family.  All happy and raising the most beautiful grandchildren a grandma could have.  Remember fondly fun times in high school!  Not as limber but still cheer for my teams!  

picture of a fun summer vacation with the fam!
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Barbara (Buz) Risk (de Boinville)
writing teacher Married 2
I am looking forward to the reunion, seeing old friends, making new friends, and especially seeing my sister Nan. All the reunions have been super. Many many thanks to the hard-working organizers. As to myself, what's up with me, I have a part-time job I like, teaching writing at George Mason University. My husband and I watch our first grandchild one day a week. Her name is Eloise, she turned one in January, and she brings me so much joy and makes me feel young. Life has been difficult in some ways, but I am rolling with the punches as best I can and with God's help. The older I get, the more I enjoy being quiet in nature, watching birds, digging in my garden, basking in sunshine. I just cut back my sedum today. All the knubby green growth under the brown dead stalks. New life. Spring is coming. And so is our reunion. With my best wishes to all our classmates. Rock on. Buz
Cooky Schuman (Goldblatt)
Artist Married 2
Remember Spring 1970? There was so much possibility in the air! As I left for college  and grad school in Cincinnati, I thought that I might live in the DC area sometime in the future.  While that has not happened I have had a pretty eclectic professional life, working in advertising and marketing, in Cincinnati and Chicago. Moving to Austin, Texas in 1983, I switched focus to motherhood ( 2 amazing daughters), performing folk, rock, jazz and experimental music, helping to build the Jewish community infrastructure and eventually starting a small real estate firm that focused on bringing life back to rundown houses. Now I'm a (self taught)  digital artist, with clients in the U.S. and abroad and am involved in a startup that focuses on the young mom market. My husband, David, is winding down his medical career, and we are planning on splitting our time between Austin and Portland, OR
where our favorite (and only) grandson lives. I never imagined anything like the life that unfolded or the possibilities that lay ahead! Best wishes to "all y'all"!
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Janet Goldner
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Artist www.janetgoldner.com Single
When I was at Whitman, I was involved with the Montgomery County Student Alliance, a countywide student organization that organized for education reform much like the demands that were being made in universities in the late 60’s.  We published an “underground” newspaper and a manifesto of demands.  Along with students from other high schools, we presented our demands at a hearing before the school board. I also leafleted local Safeways in support of the United Farms Workers grape boycott as well as being active in anti-war activities. I organized a counter-prom that was held on the Washington Monument grounds!
I got a BA from Antioch College and an MA from NYU in art. A life-long cultural journey began when I first traveled to West Africa while I was at Antioch. I returned to Mali as a Fulbright fellow in 1995, working with artists and artisans. I still travel to Mali every year to do research for my own work, collaborate with Malian artists and direct cultural projects. 
My artwork explores culture, identity and social justice in various media: steel sculpture and installations that also include photography, video and sound. Bridging diverse cultures, my work celebrates the unique beauty and genius of each as well as what we have in common. I show my work nationally and internationally.
I’ve lived in New York City since the late ‘70’s. No retirement in sight!
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