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Eric Guttag
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Retired Patent Attorney/IP Lawyer Married 2
Married now for 35 years with 2 boys.  Retired last year from work after 42 years in IP/patent law but not from life.  Like my younger brother Mark (also my fellow Carleton College alum), been doing boardgaming and wargaming, and will continue to do so, along with playing golf (now for 6 decades).  Writing my first book that I started back in 2014 on the year of 1864 in the American Civil War.  Just did my 10th Black History Month talk at the local library.  Now have a 17-month old granddaugher who is the "apple of Grandpa's eye."  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2020.  God Bless! Send Eric a MessageSend Eric a Message
Mike Halperin
Retailer Married 2
It,s hard to believe 50 years have gone by. I look forward to seeing many old friends.
My senior year I met Pam, and followed her to Jacksonville University. Studied business and been doing it ever since. We got married after college, and 46 years later, still hanging in!
We have 2 daughters and 2 precious grandchildren. We spend summers in Dewey, relaxing, playing
golf, living the beach life...and it is good!
See you in October.
Matthew Harris
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Mid Atlantic District Sales Manager Hewlett Packard Married 3
John Heise
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Married 2
Following three fun years at Whitman (Humanities was like a 1/2 day of recess), I graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. (class of "74) with a BA in Business.  After 30 years in the broadcast/advertising business in Chicago and New York, I retired to Florida with the love of my life, my wife Mary. 
You can find me on the golf course or hanging with Mary at the pool or on the beach.  Life is good!
I have two awesome kids (a daughter in Virginia and a son in California), both married and both have two boys, ages 6 and 8.  Spending time with my grandsons is the best!
Looking forward to catching up with my fellow Vikings at our 50th.
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Sally & Merril Sally Hass (Hirsh)
Vacation Rental owner Married 2
Hello Fellow Classmates,
Briefly: after Whitman, I got a BA from the University of Wisconsin, studied Theater History at Tufts University, worked for 10 years at the Library of Congress, married my husband of 31 years, Merril Hirsh, got an MBA at the University of Maryland, then stayed home to raise our sons. David, 30, and his wife are chemists and live in Connecticut. Brian, 28, lives in China. He's an entrepreneur. His latest project is finding a Chinese manufacturer and selling masks and  other supplies back to the US, lol.
Over the last 10 years, I have been developing a vacation rental business. Right now I'm in sunny Palm Springs California working on one of my houses. The other is rented out now that Riverside County has opened..
Here's my problem , and I'm hoping a couple of you who've made it rich can help.
I am in escrow for a 36 `/2 acre parcel of raw land just outside of the little mountain town of Idylllwild, California. It's a popular destination for folks from the Coachella Valley, San Diego, and LA. It's basically a triangle: the bottom borders California park land, the right side abuts the highway leading into the town, and the left side keeps back the creeping vacation McMansions. 
I have obtained this property at the unbelievable price of $300,000. I'm coming up about $75,000 short and I need to close escrow by June 14th. There are at least 3 offers right behind mine, my realtor tells me.
My plan for the property is to do basically nothing, leaving the natural beauty of this valley for all who come up to the town to see. The little campground-like structures I will build will hardly be seen from the highway, but will make lots of money in vacation rentals. Look up the site "" and see the glass domes. Like that.
So I'm basically asking for some fellow Vikings to help me out. I would be able to pay back the money you lend me within 4 months.
And of course, please some out as my guest either there, Palm Springs, or a vacation rental a mile from the entrance to Joshua Tree Park.
Any tree-huggers out there?
Thanks very much and see you all in 2021!
Sally Hass Hirsh
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Jim Hoffman
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Seed Lab Technician Divorced
Well, here we are on the cusp of 50 years--- wow can't believe it.   Remember graduating as if it were yesterday.  Hello to everyone.   I am reminded of one of the lyrics from a Grateful Dead song: "what a long, strange trip it's been", (but interesting).

I realize how lucky that we were to live in the Bethesda area back then.  We had a lot of advantages that other areas (like where I live now) don't have.   A lot of the neighborhood has had homes demolished, with monster-sized palaces replacing the older homes on 1/2 acre lots.   I guess that that is progress?

Mother Nature hasn't yet terminated my lease on this world, so I am still working. 

From Whitman, I was interested in forestry, so after I left college in VA before completion, I started work for ten years in Montgomery County on a tree crew.  That was not the most uplifting job, so I had decided to finish up my degree at U. of MD. 

Late bloomer that I was, I graduated there in '85, and then worked for the USDA in Beltsville for four years in the Sugarcane Quarantine program.   Got disillusioned with the RIF's and politics there, so I decided that I wanted to take a shot at my 'dream' job--- being "Hans the woodworker' in the Black Forest (actually Gaithersburg, MD), which was a great learning experience.  Graduated from their cabinetmaking/millwork training program at Montgomery College in the early 90's.  

Modern cabinetmaking is highly technical and fast-paced, and eventually my wife and I decided to move here to PA to the family farm..... in the March '93 "Snowicane"--- that was truly a wild drive.

The first work years here were rough: worked at tree/landscape nursery, True Temper (yes, those same folks that make your lawn and garden tools), an electric circuit board manufacturer, and worked in the 2000 Census, which was a great experience.

2001 I got a job PA Department of Ag helping to rid the state of the Plum Pox Virus that was hitting stone fruit trees, which was erradicated about 10 years later.

Later I moved to Nematology at Ag collecting soil samples to detect pathogenic 'critters' that were harmful to potato and soybean crops in the state.   I loved doing that, as I got to see the whole state for over ten years, and I didn't mind getting dirty (high pressure steam pressure washers can leave you looking like Pig Pen by the end of the day).   Analyzing the samples was cool, because there were several Rube Goldberg machines that we used to isolate the nematodes from the soil samples.   

That brings me to current time, where I work in the Seed Lab at Ag, which is extremely fast-paced, and I have to admit, it is a bit hard to keep up with the pace for an older dude, but... .

Right along with that, PA is facing a very serious scourge that will be decimating for many trees and crops--- Spotted Lanternfly.  Watch out MD!   Unfortunately, I have hundreds of 'host trees' (Tree of Heaven, which is an absolute garbage tree) that I will need to rid this 45 acre farm of if I am able.   Hmmm, in my 'spare time'.

Emerald Ash Borer has already killed almost all of the ash trees in the state about 4-5 years ago. 

April 1970 was the when the first Earth Day took place; well, things haven't improved much in the environment from what I can see.

OK, with all of that, I will send packets of No-Doz to anyone on request--- but I can say, life hasn't been dull.

I hated my picture from Whitman days, but I'll post a more recent shot.  I was lucky enough to sit next to this great man; he didn't say much, but his wisdom and humor are sorely needed in today's world!

I still see Jim Pond once in a while, as he, I, and and another friend get together and go fishing in N.C., go to Bluesfests in MS, and go on swamp tours with the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper and go BBQ scouting and the like in LA.
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Rachel Hopp
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Attorney Environment and Energy Law (Retired) Married
What a blast seeing everyone’s entries and thanks to all the committee for organizing this page. I am truly looking forward to seeing you at our 50th!

My journey since 1970 has gone down all kinds of interesting paths. After our graduation I flew off to Ghana, West Africa, to meet up with my parents and spent the summer touring there and in Europe. I returned for college, starting off at American University, but found the constant on-campus demonstrations during that tumultuous period a bit much. So, I transferred to Maryland. As many of you know, that campus also enjoyed all kinds of fun and games, not to mention tear gas wafting through the windows one fine spring day. I was convinced that spending my junior year abroad would be just the ticket. Alas I went to Venezuela, which was in the middle of an election, and found myself in the middle of some real demonstrations, including cars burning and an on-campus shooting. So, I scooted back to the good ol’ USA. Miraculously I managed to graduate from Maryland in ‘74, with a BA in Spanish. All in all it hadn’t been that huge a climb as I was always more than happy curling up to read one of the latest pieces of Latin American literature.
Following undergraduate school I worked at the U.S. State Department, with plans to join the foreign service. But I soon found I was interested in law. In ’79 I graduated from the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University. I spent a few years working for National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing. But I found my true professional passion in 1984 when I joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. For the rest of my career I worked on domestic and international environmental and energy law issues in government, in private practice and for environmental organizations.
In 2017 I retired from my last Federal position as Legislative and Regulatory Counsel at the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Pollution Funds Center. Coast Guard gave me a fantastic send-off and I of course miss the heady issues that come with working in the Nation's Capital.
Since my retirement, I’ve tried to keep my head down and relax. But, it seems I’m not one to let grass grow under my feet for too long, and I seem to be nearly as busy as ever. I now head my congregation's green team and volunteer several environmental organizations, including most recently on the successful effort to make Maryland the 1st state in the nation to ban on EPS (aka Styrofoam). Hoorah! I’ve also returned to my life-long love of the guitar and currently play with the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society Orchestra.
I also did find love along the way and now live in the Gaithersburg/North Potomac area with my spouse and life partner of 23 years, Jessica Emami. Some family have passed-on. But we take every opportunity to play with my nephew’s three little ones (ages 5, 2 and 1) and go on long walks with our dog Beau (aka “Big Brown”). Thankfully we also have our health and still enjoy take spins on the C&O Canal. So, it’s all good!
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Jackie Heflin (Howle)
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Retired CEO/Founder HEARTS, Inc Married 3
January 15, 2020.

50 years since Whitman!  67 years old. Thankful to have made it this far.  I moved from Bethesda in 1970 to attend undergrad then grad school at University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Ga where I studied Psychology and then Guidance and Counseling.  I've had lots of jobs over the years that prepared me for some interesting and fulfilling careers.  I married in 1975 and had one daughter, Amanda Martin Bellamy Robinson.  Her dad and I divorced in 1981, and I met and married my husband Barry Howle in 1983.  We have been married 36 years.  Together we have two children, Sara Morgan Howle Traylor and Benjamin Taylor Howle. Mandie is a RN, Sara is a Doctor of Pharmacy, and Ben is a Chemical Engineer. If you're on Facebook you know I am an avid Auburn University (War Eagle!!) football fan.    I have five grandchildren, Emma Robinson age15, Cooper
Traylor age 9, Calen Robinson age 8, Reagan Traylor age 6, and Sawyer Traylor age 20 months. These grandchildren are the greatest blessings of my life. 

I have to say that the best and most fun work I was involved in was as Assistant Director of Career Placement and Cooperative Ed at the University of West Georgia in nearby Carrollton, Georgia.   I live in a very rural area of Alabama that is 50 miles West from Atlanta, Ga and 70 miles East from Birmingham, Al.  In 1990 I accepted a job offer as Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Opportunity Center Easter Seal in Anniston, Al.  This position involved preparing adults with disabilities for employment.  I was there ten years until I felt led to quit a very lucrative position
and start a non profit charitable organization named Helping Every Area Resident To Succeed  - HEARTS in rural Cleburne County, Al.  HEARTS was established  in 1981 as a grass roots organization  providing humanitarian and charitable services to adults and children in need. In addition to providing food, clothing, shoes, underwear, prescription assistance, the Colton Lee White Memorial Stork program for first time mothers, transportation, job search assistance, household items, school supplies, Christmas Clearinghouse, emergency housing and utilities help, HEARTS started a Cancer Relief Services  program to individuals with cancer undergoing treatment or on hospice. After 18 years at HEARTS a successor was found and I retired in July 2018.  

My husband is building us a 40 x 60 building on our Howle Family Farm that will open early this year.  My daughter Mandie and I love to go picking antiques and between us we have enough antiques to fill the building and sell unique items from the shop and online. The business is registered as Farmporium, 2621 County Road 45, Ranburne, Alabama 36273.  We plan some pasture sales on the acreage behind the building where vendors can come in the Spring and Fall to sell their wares.  We want to grow and harvest sunflowers and zinnias, watermelons and pumpkins! In October each year our family sponsors an Old Fashioned Antique Tractor and Plow Day on the 100 year old Howle Farm. People come from near and far to enjoy the festivities. My WWHS classmates are invited to visit me in Alabama!  I live in a log house on the Little Tallapoosa River.   We anticipate having the Farmporium website and Facebook page up and running soon. Meanwhile, follow our progress on my Facebook page Jackie Heflin Howle.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in October 2020! 
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Kim Hummer
Research Leader/Scientist Married 4
Hi Folks
I have the best job! I'm a research leader, horticulturist and botanist for a US Department of Agriculture unit in Corvallis, Oregon. I manage a plant genebank. I go out collecting plants throughout the world and bring them back to add to our national collection. We work with international scientists to exchange and study the plants in our collections. I named a new strawberru species native to the Oregon Cascades (Fragaria cascadensis). Our genebank maintains living plant collections in greenhouses, screenhouses, field orchards, and as seeds. If you heard about the Svalbard, Norway, global seed vault - we have sent them seed to store. Oegon is a great place to live. 
I have four sons - now in their thirties. I have two grand children and my youngest son will be getting married next year.  I haven't returned to any of the highschool reunions - but am looking forward to the 50th!  Call or contact me if you're in Oregon.  
Kim E. Hummer
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George CHRIS (Hutton)
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Profile picture
Sales & Marketing (retired) Single
Went from Bethesda, Got drafted in 1971, Vietnam--Germany
Came back went to Indiana State University for Soc-Psych (73-77)
Moved to Dallas Texas (77) lived in the Dallas area for 38 years
Parents passed away and left me a house in Melbourne/Viera FLA
In Florida Now for 9 years
Beach, Sun, and No Crowds or traffic
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