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Jim Hoffman
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Seed Lab Technician Divorced
Well, here we are on the cusp of 50 years--- wow can't believe it.   Remember graduating as if it were yesterday.  Hello to everyone.   I am reminded of one of the lyrics from a Grateful Dead song: "what a long, strange trip it's been", (but interesting).

I realize how lucky that we were to live in the Bethesda area back then.  We had a lot of advantages that other areas (like where I live now) don't have.   A lot of the neighborhood has had homes demolished, with monster-sized palaces replacing the older homes on 1/2 acre lots.   I guess that that is progress?

Mother Nature hasn't yet terminated my lease on this world, so I am still working. 

From Whitman, I was interested in forestry, so after I left college in VA before completion, I started work for ten years in Montgomery County on a tree crew.  That was not the most uplifting job, so I had decided to finish up my degree at U. of MD. 

Late bloomer that I was, I graduated there in '85, and then worked for the USDA in Beltsville for four years in the Sugarcane Quarantine program.   Got disillusioned with the RIF's and politics there, so I decided that I wanted to take a shot at my 'dream' job--- being "Hans the woodworker' in the Black Forest (actually Gaithersburg, MD), which was a great learning experience.  Graduated from their cabinetmaking/millwork training program at Montgomery College in the early 90's.  

Modern cabinetmaking is highly technical and fast-paced, and eventually my wife and I decided to move here to PA to the family farm..... in the March '93 "Snowicane"--- that was truly a wild drive.

The first work years here were rough: worked at tree/landscape nursery, True Temper (yes, those same folks that make your lawn and garden tools), an electric circuit board manufacturer, and worked in the 2000 Census, which was a great experience.

2001 I got a job PA Department of Ag helping to rid the state of the Plum Pox Virus that was hitting stone fruit trees, which was erradicated about 10 years later.

Later I moved to Nematology at Ag collecting soil samples to detect pathogenic 'critters' that were harmful to potato and soybean crops in the state.   I loved doing that, as I got to see the whole state for over ten years, and I didn't mind getting dirty (high pressure steam pressure washers can leave you looking like Pig Pen by the end of the day).   Analyzing the samples was cool, because there were several Rube Goldberg machines that we used to isolate the nematodes from the soil samples.   

That brings me to current time, where I work in the Seed Lab at Ag, which is extremely fast-paced, and I have to admit, it is a bit hard to keep up with the pace for an older dude, but... .

Right along with that, PA is facing a very serious scourge that will be decimating for many trees and crops--- Spotted Lanternfly.  Watch out MD!   Unfortunately, I have hundreds of 'host trees' (Tree of Heaven, which is an absolute garbage tree) that I will need to rid this 45 acre farm of if I am able.   Hmmm, in my 'spare time'.

Emerald Ash Borer has already killed almost all of the ash trees in the state about 4-5 years ago. 

April 1970 was the when the first Earth Day took place; well, things haven't improved much in the environment from what I can see.

OK, with all of that, I will send packets of No-Doz to anyone on request--- but I can say, life hasn't been dull.

I hated my picture from Whitman days, but I'll post a more recent shot.  I was lucky enough to sit next to this great man; he didn't say much, but his wisdom and humor are sorely needed in today's world!

I still see Jim Pond once in a while, as he, I, and and another friend get together and go fishing in N.C., go to Bluesfests in MS, and go on swamp tours with the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper and go BBQ scouting and the like in LA.
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Matthew Harris
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Mid Atlantic District Sales Manager Hewlett Packard Married 3
MJ Cochran
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NPR Newscaster (ret) Single
 I took the road less traveled.  Never married, pursued a career in journalism and devoted my life to NPR.  And I don't regret it for a minute! After working 33 years, writing news in the middle of the night and delivering it throughout the weekday mornings, I am thoroughly enjoying retirement.  Volunteering at the Washington EAR (reading the WashPostSports page for a dial-in handicap service) and narrating books and magazines for the Library of Congress' handicap service.  Also walking, biking, strength training and practicing yoga, all on a regular basis.  I'm going to return to my golf game soon!  I've also volunteered to be Webmaster for this-here Reunion site.  I'd love to hear from you!  And let me know of improvements or fixes you'd recommend.  See you on 10-10-2020! (Oh, and at the Pony Express Bar on 10-09-2020!)   /MJ Send MJ a MessageSend MJ a Message
Paul Ahearn
Loan Officer Widowed 2
I spent four years at the University of MD (College Park), and graduated with a degree in English in 1974. Naturally, with an English degree I became a salesman.  For the past thirty-four years I have been "originating" loans, helping homebuyers achieve their American Dream.
 I met the woman (Margaret Ann O'Hagan) of my dreams in 1978, and for thirty years we had as close to a "perfect marriage" as possible. Unfortunately, Peggy passed away in 2008 due to ovarian cancer. Fortunately, we managed to raise two beautiful boys, Paul III and Conor. Paul the 3rd is twenty-eight years old, living in Columbia, SC, and having a successful career as a lawyer in the SC Law Enformcement Department. Conor is twenty-two, living with me in Olney, and is attending MC while working at Arclight at the Montgomery Mall. He is a real sweetheart.
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Rachel Hopp
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Attorney Environment and Energy Law (Retired) Married
What a blast seeing everyone’s entries and thanks to all the committee for organizing this page. I am truly looking forward to seeing you at our 50th!

My journey since 1970 has gone down all kinds of interesting paths. After our graduation I flew off to Ghana, West Africa, to meet up with my parents and spent the summer touring there and in Europe. I returned for college, starting off at American University, but found the constant on-campus demonstrations during that tumultuous period a bit much. So, I transferred to Maryland. As many of you know, that campus also enjoyed all kinds of fun and games, not to mention tear gas wafting through the windows one fine spring day. I was convinced that spending my junior year abroad would be just the ticket. Alas I went to Venezuela, which was in the middle of an election, and found myself in the middle of some real demonstrations, including cars burning and an on-campus shooting. So, I scooted back to the good ol’ USA. Miraculously I managed to graduate from Maryland in ‘74, with a BA in Spanish. All in all it hadn’t been that huge a climb as I was always more than happy curling up to read one of the latest pieces of Latin American literature.
Following undergraduate school I worked at the U.S. State Department, with plans to join the foreign service. But I soon found I was interested in law. In ’79 I graduated from the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University. I spent a few years working for National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing. But I found my true professional passion in 1984 when I joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. For the rest of my career I worked on domestic and international environmental and energy law issues in government, in private practice and for environmental organizations.
In 2017 I retired from my last Federal position as Legislative and Regulatory Counsel at the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Pollution Funds Center. Coast Guard gave me a fantastic send-off and I of course miss the heady issues that come with working in the Nation's Capital.
Since my retirement, I’ve tried to keep my head down and relax. But, it seems I’m not one to let grass grow under my feet for too long, and I seem to be nearly as busy as ever. I now head my congregation's green team and volunteer several environmental organizations, including most recently on the successful effort to make Maryland the 1st state in the nation to ban on EPS (aka Styrofoam). Hoorah! I’ve also returned to my life-long love of the guitar and currently play with the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society Orchestra.
I also did find love along the way and now live in the Gaithersburg/North Potomac area with my spouse and life partner of 23 years, Jessica Emami. Some family have passed-on. But we take every opportunity to play with my nephew’s three little ones (ages 5, 2 and 1) and go on long walks with our dog Beau (aka “Big Brown”). Thankfully we also have our health and still enjoy take spins on the C&O Canal. So, it’s all good!
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Sandra Steverson (Winkler)
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Occupational Therapist/Health Scientist Divorced
From Sandy:  I was only at Whitman for my senior year – maybe my junior year as well – it was a long time ago. I began at Whitman when I moved in with my grandparents. I graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington with my bachelors in occupational therapy. I’ve lived/worked in beautiful places: the Sierra Nevada mountains (Mammoth Lakes, California), New Mexico (Las Vegas and Albuquerque), San Antonio/Boerne, Texas.  I headed back east to complete my doctoral work at the U of Pittsburgh in Rehabilitation Technology then south to the U of Florida. I’ve had a couple of horse farms along the way, in New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. I spent quite a bit of time in Germany. I’m in Tampa now. I have my dream job – working with Veterans with traumatic brain injury at the James A Haley VA Hospital.

I’m divorced, no children but a really cute Aussie I do agility with, also busy with yoga, strength training, and gardening. I love tropicals, orchids, etc. and of course the beach, swimming and kayaking. I’m tentative about going back to Bethesda. It has changed so much and I don’t have any family there anymore, but looking forward to the reunion. I remember counting cows driving down Old Georgetown Road to our elementary school, Woodlawn, across from NIH. I won every day. I feel so bad now, my sister didn’t figure out all the dairies were on one side of the road and I made sure I sat on that side of the car.

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Yale Rodman
Attorney Divorced 2
   I grew up in a nice midle-class neighborhood in Washington DC called Foxhall Village. I went to Hardy Elementary near Foxhall Rd and Q Street.  I was captain of the patrols.  The neighborhood was a wonderful mix of Jewish, Catholic and Protestant families.  It was idyllic there.
  There was a DC Dept of Recreation facility with a field and playground two blocks from my home.  There, I grew up playimng youth league football, baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis...every season.  Great experience!
   I ten attended Gordon Junior High School near Georgetown.  70% of the students at Gordon were bussed in to fulfill required integration of the public school system.

  Joshua/31/Corporate Attorney
  Joseph/29/Retail Manager

 Post HS Education

Northwestern University
American University Law
MBA Certificate at American U

Work History

Rodmans Discount food & Drugs
Rodman Law LLC
Department of Justice/Contract Services


Adas Israel Congregation
Camp Buffalo Gap
Camp Ramah
Bd of Dir JCC/Rockville
President Chabad Bethesda/ChevyChase

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