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Pamela Smith (Jarosinski)
Nurse Married 2
I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1974 with a BA degree in the Behavioral and Social Sciences.  Later I earned a BSN degree and I worked as an OB/GYN nurse for many years.
I met my husband, Paul Jarosinski, in college and we were married in August 1974.  Paul worked for the Public Health Service initially and we lived in the Boston area, Norfolk, and Perry Hall.  In 1981 he took a clinical pharmacy position at NIH and we moved to Olney, Maryland.  We have lived in Olney for 35 years and we have two wonderful children, Jennifer and Brian.  Our daughter is married with three children and they live in the area.  Our son married recently and he and his wife live in Baltimore.  Paul and I are retired.   
Andrew Katz
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In-house Counsel Eversource Energy Committed Relationship 2
The Dome may be demolished but my memories of Whitman are intact (as best as possible for my age).  I am looking forward to sharing  the journey our friends have been on since 1970 at our 50th reunion!

My journey has taken me to a career in energy law; a wonderful 23-year marriage; adoption of two beautiful girls from Russia; a sad divorce and loss of parents; many interesting countries; some good restaurants; exploration on and below the water (sailing and scuba); the Dharma; mixed results using on-line dating sites; finding the amazing Jean Parcher on (seriously); and all with the guidance and help of numerous teachers and friends along the path.

I'm currently living in North Bethesda near classmates Wendy Frosh (different floors in the same building!) and Steve Kennedy is down the street.

At some point I may answer the call of retirement, but not yet.

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Barry Kemelhor
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Retired and 'out of the office' since 1981 Married
I’ve always felt fortunate having been the only kid from Wood Acres Elementary to be sent to Pyle Junior High—we lived right on the dividing line and everyone else went to Western. That meant, when reaching Whitman, I pretty much knew everyone from its two feeder schools and thus had many friends and much fun.
Leaving Viking•ville as the captain of our winning It’s Academic team and an “Outstanding Teenager of America” {championed by Dr. Shaw, but unbeknownst to me}, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 3 years and quickly became a government consultant and speechwriter—for the likes of Ted Kennedy, Tom Eagleton, Buzz Aldrin and the NIH Office of the Director. This last client became aware of my hobby studying and collecting entertainment memorabilia—and encouraged me to create my own celebrity-based magazine, which I wound up publishing for three decades!
Which paled in significance to the fact that, a year out of Hopkins, a college buddy kept insisting I meet his girlfriend Karen … and I finally relented. The 50th Reunion’s Hot Shoppes Night (Oct. 9) will be our 44th wedding anniversary!!
My wife remains “The Angel of My Existence” (I actually call her that :-) and, being the babies of our families with older sisters who provided grandchildren, we’ve been free to explore our dreams and desires ever since. Early on, we decided that life was just “a series of experiences”—for as long as one can experience them—so that is how we’ve lived and loved to this day. Looking back, I can’t quite believe how lucky we’ve been.
So far, I’ve managed to attend 14 Grammy Award ceremonies; 2 Olympic Games; 2 Grand Slam Tennis tournaments and finals; 2 Old Timers’ Baseball Games at Yankee Stadium {got to see DiMaggio hit a homer, Musial a double and Dizzy Dean pitch!}; 2 Cracker Jack Classics at RFK Stadium; an All-Star Game {with Mays, Clemente & Aaron in the outfield}; Bryce Harper’s thrilling Home Run Derby win; a Super Bowl; 4 NFL Conference Championship Games; and countless other contests and concerts.
Athletically, I managed to catch a no-look assist from the greatest NBA passer ever, play touch football on the front lawn of the first Redskin to score in a Super Bowl, and make back-to-back buckets on an NBA All-Star {who then preceded to “torch” me}. We even got to re-create our consecutive Little League championships.
I’ve been thrilled to be able to meet and converse with my personal idols and heroes from: Sports (e.g., Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Doug Williams, Cal Ripken Jr.); the Press (Ben Bradlee, Woodward & Bernstein, Daniel Ellsberg, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel); Politics (Eugene McCarthy, Paul Sarbanes, Bill & Hillary Clinton); and the Arts (Harry Belafonte, Little Richard, ‘Fifth Beatle’ George Martin, satirical genius Tom Lehrer and Capt. Jean-Luc Picard!). We’ve listened live to Sinatra, Sammy, Streisand, Pavarotti, Aretha, Smokey, Madonna, Whitney, Celine and Elton. And even appeared in a movie with Goldie Hawn …
But travel has been our main focus these past four decades. When we met, Karen had been all around the world … and I’d been to Cleveland. We’ve now had private tours of all Seven Wonders of the World {plus the Emeritus Eighth, the Pyramids} and next year, will conquer the Continent of Antarctica, the last of our Seven. It’s been so broadening—cruise cuisine will do that to you—since seeing other lands, meeting other people and learning other cultures is, we believe, the best education one can have. {Other than Whitman … }
Over the course of our travels, we’ve attended Royal Weddings (in Britain and Bali); had our spirits summoned by an Indonesian psychic; our fortune told in Hong Kong; holy offerings from a sacred shaman at Machu Picchu; been looked down on by the Living Goddess in Kathmandu; and blessed by a holy monk in Bhutan. While there, we bumped into the ‘Little Buddha’—the child reincarnation of the Big One. We have slept in the Wadi Rum desert {where ‘my people’ wandered for 40 years – we made it out in a day!}; ancient French chateaux; England’s Windsor Castle; Princess Diana’s tent on Moyo Island, Indonesia; the presidential suite in Lake Como, Italy that Madonna checked out of the night before; and Bob Guccione’s literal Penthouse.
Individual highlights include reveling at Carnival in Rio {and getting the actual Girl from Ipanema to autograph her autobio to us}; betting at Royal Ascot races in London {which required the top hat ’n’ tails tradition pictured above}; witnessing the Scottish Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle and seeing Loch Ness; being invited to attend Pres. Clinton’s swearing-in, inaugural ball and Library dedication ceremony; and being the first “tourists” allowed to visit a reluctant Lord Carnarvon and his ravishing Lady at their Highclere Castle in 2004 as a “test” whether they would welcome others. We must’ve passed … since Fiona permitted their home to become the fictional “Downton Abbey”—which now welcomes 90 busloads of sightseers every month!
Along the way, we’ve gotten more daring: taking hot air balloons over the wine country in France, the Australian Outback, and the Masai Mara in Kenya on safari; private plane rides above Chichen Itza in Mexico, to the peak of Mt. Everest, and the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal; and dual passenger helicopters to hover over a volcano in Hawaii, reach remote White Island in New Zealand {where an eruption just killed 20}, and most recently, land on a glacier in Alaska where we rode a sled pulled by Iditarod dogs {the other photo above}.
And we’re just gettin’ started! Sorry if the foregoing sounds like one of those dreaded annual Christmas messages … but that really is the life we’ve been lucky (and grateful) to lead. I have to believe that the years leading up to, and at, Whitman laid the foundation. How could they not?
We were 8 when a vibrant young president pledged: “Let us begin” … at 9 the USSR and US sent the first men into space 23 days apart … 10 when the Cuban Missile Crisis made us ground zero and prime target … 11 when JFK was killed before our eyes … 12 when the Beatles arrived, 10 weeks later, to lift us from mourning … 13 when the Voting Rights Act was passed … 14 when Star Trek ‘boldly’ went … and 15 when the first Vietnam War protests erupted.
In our initial year as Vikings, the basketball team made the state finals for the first time … and 19 days later Martin Luther King was shot. As juniors, we saw Nixon win the presidency … and O.J. the Heisman. Just prior to our final year, 2 men walked on the Moon … and four weeks later 200,000-times that many wallowed in the mud at Woodstock. Five weeks before graduation, there were “Four dead in O-hi-o.”
Which recalls that, through it all, the soundtrack of our lives was without doubt the greatest popular music, weekly, ever recorded.
From which I’ve always tried to adopt the mantra of those foremost philosophers, The Grass Roots: “Sha la la la la la live for today. And don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, hey.”
After all, Today is just what you were worrying about Yesterday … (a song recorded the weekend I turned 13).
Savor the past, inhale the present and relish the future. See you in the not so distant ...
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Steven Kennedy
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Occupation: Editor

Marital status: Taken

Number of children: 5


After 67 years in the Washington area, I returned in 2019 to New York, where my family has lived since the 1700s and where I went to college. Today I am freer, happier, and more decrepit than I’ve ever been. I’ve been married 87 times—no, make that five (two in the eyes of the law)—but this time it’s for good. Wonderful kids came out of two of those imperfect unions, born between 1979 and 1998. One died ten years ago in the opioid epidemic, but four are thriving, three of them in California (see photo) and one still in college and, happily, closer to home. I love my work (fixing other people’s writing and translating French), which is a good thing since I was always better at spending than saving. If I hadn’t become an editor/translator (, I might have been an actor or a professor of literature (Pnin! Pale Fire!). What those occupations have in common is working with (other people’s) words, a condition I call subordinated or bounded creativity. I am proud of what I do, but I admire people whose creativity is unbound. I keep in touch with some Whitmanites but have lost touch with others as paths diverge. My siblings (David ’71, Susan ’73, Bain ’78) are very dear to me. I wish you all the best of luck and much happiness as together we try to survive the most serious threat to our republic since the Civil War. 

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Roger Lebbin
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Real Estate Developer Married 2
After graduating from WWHS in 1970, I attended Carnegie-Mellon University and graduated in December of '73.  Worked for a while and went back to school quickly to get an MBA from the University of Michigan, graduating in 1976.  

Married Deborah Hildebrand in 1975 (Rockville native, CMU (undergrad), UMich (Masters), American University (Law Degree and now retired) and we have 2 grown kids, and 5 fantastic grandchildren (I'm completely unbiased and objective, ages 4,6,6,7,10).  They are bringing us so much joy.  Clearly reaping the benfits of 44 years of marriage.  Being grandparents is a great gig, pretty much as good as it gets in my book.

I ended up in the real estate industry and after working for others for a short time, started a development company in 1979 called Mid-Atlantic Builders.  We develop communities and build single family detached homes and townhomes in Montgomery Co., Prince George's Co., and Loudon County. 

It has been a long haul for sure.  Very challenging operating in the Metro DC area.  Plenty of competition in an anti-development, anti-growth area of the country, but have beaten the odds and survived 3 serious recessions.  Hopefully after all these years have passed, we have some very happy employees, customers, and trade partners.  You may see our signs around locally, because we also have a small, in-house semi-custom building affiliate called Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders, LLC which does about a dozen tear-downs a year here in Bethesda.  I've actually done a few on the street I grew up on in Kenwood Park just blocks from Walt Whitman, which is a little surreal.   It has been rewarding and I still very much enjoy being in business and continue to work full time, though trying to transition into part time and of course, eventually moving on to full time grandparenthood.

Over the past 61 years, my family has enjoyed many trips to the Adirondack Mountains, specifically the Lake Placid - Saranac Lake Region of the park, for boating, hiking, slalom skiing, golf, and fishing.  We also like snow skiing out west but I sense that may be coming to an end in the not too distant future unless somebody invents a 'super-knee' replacement.

Looking forward to seeing a few old friends at the Reunion, and wishing all of you the very best of health and happiness in the future.

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Matthew Maury
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Real estate, musician Married 2
Well now, a guy who plays in a band called The VI-Kings has obviously stayed connected to the Whitman community.

My wife Barbara and I (together over 40 years, married for 38), have two sons and live in Springfield in Bethesda, just a few blocks from where I grew up in Wood Acres.  My oldest son, Andrew, 34, (Whitman Class of 2004) is a music producer in Brooklyn.  He runs his own studio and co-produced worldwide hits for Sean Mendes ( In My Blood) and Lizzo (Jerome) recently.  Andrew's wife Martha (also Class of 2004 Whitman) works at the Gagosian gallery in Manhattan.  They live in Ft. Greene.

My youngest son Patrick, graduates from NYU w a masters in Public Administration in June, his wife Charlotte graduates from Columbia grad school (social work) as well and they are moving back to Bethesda in June.  Why?  They are having our first grandchild.  How cool is that!  Baby sitting here we come.

Upon graduating from the U. of MD.  in 74 (Journalism), I became a full time musician for six years, performing over 2000 times and traveling the world. The band broke up playing for Aramco oil employees in Saudi Arabia in 1980 and I went into real estate with my dad's firm, Stuart & Maury Inc.  I took to it well, and ran the company from about 1983 to 2014.  In 2014, I sold the company so I didn't have to be in charge anymore. I still sell homes and enjoy helping people, but I don't need to worry about everyone else anymore.

The VI-Kings were put together by my lifelong Whitman pal Rick Neumann in 2010 for our 40th reunion.  We became a full fledged band and have performed hundreds of times over the past decade.  There are still two of us left from the original group of 1970 grads (Joe Dolan is my other compadre).  We lost Bill Euler who died in 2014, and Stock Wilson retired last year (although he will be making a comeback appearnace at the reunion).  The VI-Kings are dedicated to the proposition that the music of the 60's was a special era.  We are the 60's Soundtrack of Your Life.  I find as I get older that little brings me joy that compares to playing Don't Worry Baby or playing bass on Nowhere Man or Penny Lane.  It's the music of our youth and it has thrived over the decades because it's great stuff.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention several classmates I have stayed in touch w over the years.  My closest friend in this world is Barry Kemelhor. We talk all the time and often have lunch, attend sporting events etc.  Barry and I went to about 300+ Redskins games over the years, countless baseball games and have always been close since we were 11 years old. 

Rick Shryock and Kit Bigler, close friends all the way back to Wood Acres Elem often come to see and enjoy The VI-Kings and their continuing support for my music career means the world to me.  Kit actually brought a young woman to College Park MD. in the late 70's to see my band playing in a club.   On his first date!  He ended up marrying Carol. I sold and rented them about five residences over the years.  I also stay in touch with Eric Toumayan, another Wood Acres Elem/Whitman alum. How about that!

I look forward to sharing  our lives in October.  I sometimes sense that high school was " difficult" for a lot of people.  Whitman was a pressure cooker (although nothing like today).  But I loved my high school years. I wasn't "Mr. Whitman", not quite good enough to play on a sports team, but I made lasting friendships and floated through trying to figure out exactly what was going on.  I enjoyed being the Sports Editor of the B&W.  I Never quite did figure much out in high school, but I loved every minute of it and harbor only great memories. 
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Charles K Miller
retired social work supervisor Married 2
Hello All:

    Looking forward to our reunion and hoping I can make a "new beginning" with many of you.  I worked in foster family care, case management and mobile home crisis visiting over the past 40 years.  Spent 4 years at Univ. of Georgia, then upon graduating, returned to D.C. to work for Salvation Army, then got married to my dear wife, Marguerite, folllowed by graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania.  Then came the 40 years of social work experience referenced above. Retired 5 years ago, amidst a pronounced turn to fee-for-service work  predominantly. Now, enjoying home ownership, travel and family.  (1 grandson living in Saint Pete, Florida.)
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jerry miller
Consultant Married 2
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Rick Neumann
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business owner none Committed Relationship 1
There are lots of people who say they hated high school, and couldnt wait to get out. I wasnt one of them. Why? Whitman was where all of my friends went...everyday! I wasn't a hot shot student, but did scrape by with a B average. Math/Algebra drove me insane. I once got 17 out of 20 WRONG on Miss Elant's true or false test!I also cheated on a standardized final exam to avoid summer school:-). I headed to Jacksonville U. in Fla. on a partial golf scholarship. Leslie Loewenthal, Hank Males, and Mike Halperin were there too. I left after a year, and rattled around mc and md. At 24, I was an account exec for a flooring firm. After 4 years, I switched gears and worked for WEAM radio briefly. Then I started my own media buying service for tv and radio, NEUMANN ASSOCIATES, and started my own flooring firm. At 30, I married 1972 girl Mindy Montgomery. We had a son, Brian, now a Veterinarian, Medical Director and partner at Caring Hands Vet Hospital in Va! We divorced in'95, and co parented our son. He also went to Whitman, graduating in 2006 with MATT MAURY'S son Patrick! In 2001, I met the love of my life, Sylvia. We left Bethesda in 2014, and built a beach house in Southport, NC where we now live. A word about OUR GANG: Chairing all these reunions has been a wonderful component of my life. I love you people, and I mean it. I feel I am at my best when I'm with you people. It's a privilege to be in Our Gang! In closing, I still do lots of scuba diving, fishing, tropical scuba travel. Over the past 25 years, I've published over 250 features in various outdoor magazines on scuba, tropical travel, cooking, and fishing. Dr. Boyle would be happy! Looking forward to this 50th bash! Tooty Ross is "the man"....with a high class committee! Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Cherry Payne
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Retired park ranger Married 1
My father was in the navy, so after our sophomore year at Whitman, we moved to Charleston, SC where I graduated from Ashley Hall. After college, I returned to the DC area in order to work for the National Park Service starting in 1976. I worked on the National Mall and then the C&O Canal (where I lived in the lockhouse at Little Falls). I worked for 34 years in various parks all over the country and finished as superintendent of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve in SE Alaska.

I met my husband, Robert Howard at Grand Teton NP, Wyoming. Together we worked in Tetons, Everglades (twice), Colorado (Bob at Rocky Mtn. NP, me in Ft. Collins), Yosemite, Santa Fe, and Texas (Bob at LBJ, me at San Antonio Missions). 

We retired in 2010 and settled in Santa Fe. In retirement, I enjoy downhill skiing on our local hill, annual trips to scuba, biking and Master Gardeners. Bob and I are traveling while we can and spent 5 weeks in South Africa this last fall.
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